Power gap filler
Made in Germany

In 2012, GP JOULE developed the power gap filler system to compensate for load fluctuations in the grid resulting from variations in the supply of wind and solar energy. PEM electrolysers convert excess green energy into hydrogen, which can be stored and fed back into the grid as required via a biogas-fired block-type thermal power station. This makes it possible to optimally integrate renewable energies into the electrical grid and offset and compensate for a lack of energy on days when there is little wind or sun, referred to as ‘power gaps’.

The power gap filler was commissioned in Reußenköge in May 2015 in the first expansion phase with electrolysis power of 20 kW (four H-TEC Series-S: S 30/50), as the first and only power-to-gas station in Schleswig-Holstein. At 75 % efficiency, 4 Nm3 of hydrogen is produced per hour. The intelligent use of process heat generated through electrolysis makes it possible to achieve an overall efficiency of around 95 %, with output gradually being increased to 200 kW. Our H-TEC Series-ME technology was used in the final expansion phase.