Ellhöft Wind Park: H-TEC SYSTEMS references
Driving public and private transport in the region: PEM electrolysis west of Flensburg

Ellhöft Wind Park

Ellhöft Wind Park: H-TEC SYSTEMS references

Refining wind energy for more economic value

At the Ellhöft Wind Park “Bürgerwindpark Ellhöft” west of Flensburg, Germany, the community is taking decarbonization and the energy transition into their own hands. The town has been relying on wind energy since 2000. Since the expiration of the German Renewable Energy (EEG) subsidies, it is showing the way forward economically: thanks to hydrogen.

For this purpose, H-TEC SYSTEMS delivered an ME100 PEM Electrolyzer, which now converts wind power into green hydrogen. The hydrogen is used in the local transportation sector. By drying the hydrogen, H-TEC SYSTEMS enables it to be used as a fuel in accordance with ISO 14687.

A hydrogen filling station west of Flensburg distributes the hydrogen. The ME100 PEM Electrolyzer from H-TEC SYSTEMS is the key technology for refining electricity from renewable energy sources and thus opening new attractive markets without the German EEG, especially for wind turbine operators.

In total, the six wind turbines on site generate around 18 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year. According to a study by the German Wind Energy Association, about 4000 MW of regeneratively generated electricity no longer receive EEG subsidies annually since 2021. By 2025, 2400 MW will be added annually.

Ellhöft Wind Park

Further references

Gruyère Hydrogen Power
Gruyère Hydrogen Power (GHP) relies on hydrogen for industry

The need for green hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel in industry is growing all the time. Energy supplier Gruyère Hydrogen Power SA (part of Gruyère Energie SA) from the Fribourg canton in western Switzerland has also recognized this potential and has therefore committed itself to the development and marketing of green hydrogen.


Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven
Green hydrogen for decentralized energy supply

The H-TEC SYSTEMS ME450 PEM electrolyzer as part of the Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven test field for researching the interaction of wind turbines with electrolytic hydrogen production.


Renewable Gasfield
Power-to-gas project, Energie Steiermark

An H-TEC SYSTEMS electrolyzer for the production of green hydrogen is used in the research project "Renewable Gasfield" in Gabersdorf.


Haurup Wind Farm
Gas grid feed-in for CO₂ emission reduction, Haurup Wind Farm

A H-TEC SYSTEMS electrolyzer supplies the region with 3 million kWh of green hydrogen – and thereby reduces CO₂ emissions.


ZEHTC Microgrid Sweden
Zero Emission Microgrid ZEHTC, Sweden

H-TEC SYSTEMS supplied the PEM electrolyzer for a "Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center", the first microgrid demonstration plant of its kind.


eFarm North Frisia
Hydrogen infrastructure project eFarm, Schleswig-Holstein

H-TEC SYSTEMS is technology provider for eFarm, the largest sustainable hydrogen project in Germany to date.


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