Energy transition with hydrogen: About H-TEC SYSTEMS

We are the fuel of the global energy transition

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through hydrogen technology

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through hydrogen technology

H-TEC SYSTEMS stands for innovation, sustainability, and a green future. As a technological pioneer, the company develops and manufactures innovative PEM electrolyzers and electrolysis stacks, enabling cost-effective, efficient, and reliable production of green hydrogen. H-TEC SYSTEMS' vision is clearly defined: to use its electrolyzers to avoid 1 % of global greenhouse gas emissions, making a significant contribution to climate protection.  

H-TEC SYSTEMS has been active in the hydrogen industry for over twenty-five years and operates at two locations in Germany and one in Houston, USA. As part of MAN Energy Solutions, the company combines the strengths of an independent, flexible structure with the industrial experience and customer access of MAN ES, along with the expertise in series production and supply chain management of the Volkswagen group, thereby providing the key technology for the Power-to-X value chain. 


The future speaks for H-TEC SYSTEMS

Energy transition with hydrogen: About H-TEC SYSTEMS

We are a technology leader with a strong core 
With more than 25 years of experience in PEM electrolysis, we have a strong technological core and expertise in the field of green hydrogen production. Secured funding of 500 million euros in 2022 has enabled the industrialization and serial production of our technology.

Energy transition with hydrogen: About H-TEC SYSTEMS

We realize series production 
To realize the production of our PEM stacks and electrolyzers in series, we are building a state-of-the-art and climate-neutral production and development site for PEM electrolyzer stacks in Hamburg. Construction of the automated factory is part of the PEP.IN research project and includes funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) via the H₂Giga lead project for hydrogen generation.

Energy transition with hydrogen: About H-TEC SYSTEMS

We benefit from the competence of our parent company
Around the world people place their trust in the know-how of heavy industry. And we too draw on the expertise of MAN Energy Solutions in the areas of plant EPC, industrial compressors, and reactors. Projects designed for the generation of green hydrogen benefit from many years of experience in the implementation of large-scale projects, along with the global sales and customer service network. 

Our environmental guidelines

Our environmental guidelines

  • H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH develops and produces hydrogen electrolyzers. With our products, hydrogen will become the most important energy carrier worldwide and the foundation for a sustainable energy system.
  • H-TEC SYSTEMS has set itself the goal of sustainable value creation and is aware of its own special responsibility for the environment.
  • As a commercial enterprise, we bear responsibility for the environmental impact and sustainability of our products, sites, and services. We rely on environmentally compatible, advanced, and efficient technologies and implement them throughout the entire life cycle of our products. As early as the development and production stages, we consider the careful use of natural resources, a continuous reduction of environmental impact, and compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations. In addition, we constantly reassess the environmental compatibility of products and manufacturing processes and optimize them when necessary.

We live environmental protection and sustainability not only through our products, but also in our everyday work. The Augsburg site of H-TEC SYSTEMS has been awarded the Ökoprofit certificate, an environmental management program that guarantees a high standard of operational environmental protection through defined criteria. 

We take technical and organizational measures to save raw materials, water and energy, to avoid waste and reduce emissions. 

Our environmental guidelines



Founding of H-TEC Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbH with R&D in the field of electrolysis & educational applications


Majority takeover by GP Joule


Strategic reorientation & development of larger electrolyzers as H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH


Market launch of the first 225-kW electrolyzer


MAN Energy Solutions as new investor, relocation of headquarters from Lübeck to Augsburg and market launch of the first 1-MW electrolyzer


Complete takeover by MAN Energy Solutions


Strategic reorientation: H-TEC SYSTEMS established as a top-3 player in the market


Market launch of the modular hydrogen electrolyzer MHP for large-scale projects for 10 MW to 100 MW+

On April 26, 2023, the official groundbreaking ceremony of the new H-TEC Gigahub took place at Victoria Park Hamburg.
This new site will be a state-of-the-art center for research, development, production, and testing of innovative PEM electrolysis stacks, the core technology for green hydrogen production. In the future, PEM stacks with an annual production capacity of five gigawatts will be manufactured automatically and in series. 

  • Planned completion: 2024
  • 11,000 m² for production and testing 
  • Stack development, manufacturing, testing, and service 

More information

Energy transition with hydrogen: About H-TEC SYSTEMS

All in for a good atmos­phere

Besides hydrogen, H-TEC SYSTEMS employees are our most important resource. Our team stands for innovative products, sustainable energy, and for open and fair cooperation.


Our Locations

Energy transition with hydrogen: About H-TEC SYSTEMS


Our headquarters and our largest site. A modern working, development, and production environment for electrolyzers that extends across two buildings.


Energy transition with hydrogen: About H-TEC SYSTEMS


H-TEC SYSTEMS core technology comes from our Braak site in northern Germany, near Hamburg, where our highly qualified employees are responsible for the development and production of our PEM stacks.



Energy transition with hydrogen: About H-TEC SYSTEMS


H-TEC SYSTEMS' newest location is in Houston, Texas. This is where our team designs, markets, installs, and services the Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP) for the North American market. 



The latest in hydrogen technology and how H-TEC SYSTEMS is driving the green energy transition.


Partnerships, memberships & network

We believe in the power of cooperation and synergy. That's why we work closely with other companies, institutes and associations. Together, we make hydrogen more sustainable and promote our causes.

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