Our Vision & Mission
Made in Germany



WE HAVE A VISION of a world where you can drive, travel, heat your home, manufacture and consume, without harming the planet.

Our leading technologies and products generate green hydrogen, the most important energy source worldwide, and the foundation for a sustainable energy system.

Cumulative installed electrolysis power reduces the specific conversion costs for renewable hydrogen fuel, making it competitive for more and more markets. It also facilitates a truly integrated energy system, and thus enables a successful energy transition to a 100 % renewable supply.


WE ARE ON A MISSION to drive the transition to a new age of energy by developing and producing technology that efficiently converts renewable electricity into green hydrogen.

We aim to enable the most inexpensive conversion of renewable electricity into hydrogen using PEM electrolysis.

The economic conversion of clean wind and solar power into storable hydrogen will provide renewable energies with access to the many different areas of application associated with hydrogen as an energy carrier, such as mobility and heating.