16.11.2017 – Åke Johnsen pushes the hydrogen business for the entire GP JOULE Group, Dr Thorsten Schmidt heads operations at H-TEC EDUCATION

Lübeck/Reußenköge, Germany – H-TEC EDUCATION GmbH has reorganised its management team. Åke Johnsen, previously a member of the management team, will be supporting the key account management and the marketing teams. He will also help to extend the hydrogen business for the GP JOULE Group, which includes H-TEC EDUCATION and 

H-TEC SYSTEMS. Dr Thorsten Schmidt, until recently head of the department for technology and sales at H-TEC EDUCATION, has been given ‘Prokura’ privileges under German law and is now controlling operations as the manager. The sole general manager at H-TEC EDUCATION is Ove Petersen, who also has this role at the parent company GP JOULE GmbH.

‘We are very happy that Åke Johnsen, with his excellent network of connections as a recognised hydrogen expert, can now provide us with comprehensive support in the business development department of the GP JOULE Group,’ says Ove Petersen, explaining the reorganisation. ‘Dr Thorsten Schmidt is ideally qualified as an experienced manager and, since joining the company in December 2016, he has successively taken over the responsibility for operations at H-TEC EDUCATION.’  

Åke Johnsen, who has been active around the world in projects and working groups for the marketing of hydrogen technology since 2001, explains, ‘With my new functions we have created a win-win situation. At H-TEC EDUCATION, I will be able to concentrate on raising our profile as the market leader. At the same time, I have the opportunity to support the entire corporate Group, to continue developing strategically and, in particular, to broaden the base of our hydrogen activities.’ 

Dr Thorsten Schmidt, who, amongst other skills, can look back on many years of experience as the manager of a subsidiary and as the manager of regional customer management for an energy service provider, adds, ‘There has been a smooth transition between my previous work in technology and sales and my new responsibility as a manager. In future, the focus will be on the introduction of a quality management system as well as extending our sales activities and on the development of new products. Above all, I look forward to supporting Ove Petersen in the management of H-TEC EDUCATION.’

Media contact:
Ms Birka Friedrich
Head of corporate communications
Tel. +49 (0)4671 6074-237
Email: b.friedrich(at)gp-joule.de 

Corporate contact:
Mr Åke Johnsen
Business development
Tel. + 49 (0)451 39941-0
Email: a.johnsen(at)h-tec.com 

H-TEC EDUCATION is an internationally renowned provider of teaching and demonstration models as well as course materials in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Since its foundation in 1997, all of its products have focused on an experience of science which is appropriate for the target group. Today, with its electrolysis stacks and electrolysis systems,

H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH is offering highly efficient solutions for the creation, storage and use of hydrogen in industrial applications. In 2010, GP JOULE GmbH integrated two companies from Lübeck, Germany into the Group. GP JOULE is a universal and innovative partner for companies, local authorities and investors in all areas of renewable energy. The company develops and implements energy and operating concepts for the promising use of the sun, wind, biomass and energy stores.

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