The fascination of hydrogen technology

Our first and core business is making products to help educate the public about the great advantages of fuel cell technology. Our products mirror real-world applications as closely as possible - for instance, we recently updated our model fuel cell car to include an energy-storing capacitor which mimics hybrid fuel cell car configurations. We also introduced a model wind turbine that can be paired with an electrolyser to generate hydrogen.

Our products help teach students at all levels of study, from elementary school through to high school, vocational training, and university. All of our educational products are designed to address specific curriculum needs, and most of the products we offer for educational use include technologies and experiments that cover core curriculum areas, including: General Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental and Health Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and IT/Computer Science. Our various product ranges address the needs of a diverse and international group of customers, with different educational objectives, student ages, levels of instruction, and budgets.