Solar hydrogen experimentation system

The JUNIOR Basic instructional model is pre-assembled and ready for use, enabling pupils to have fun learning how to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and calculate electrical values and curves.

 The JUNIOR Basic - J101 consists of the following components:

  • A solar cell for electrolyser operation
  • An electrolyser that splits distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen
  • Two gas storage tanks
  • A fuel cell that converts hydrogen and oxygen back into water while producing electrical energy and heat
  • An electrical device that runs on the electricity from the fuel cell 

Textbook included; covers introduction to fuel cell technology, experiments, training documents and student worksheets.

Experiments possible with JUNIOR Basic - J101

  • Producing and storing hydrogen and oxygen
  • Determining a solar module's characteristic curves
  • Operating the fuel cell with hydrogen and oxygen 2:1
  • Determining an electrolyser's characteristic curves
  • Determining electrolyser efficiency
  • Learning about Faraday’s laws
  • Determining a PEM fuel cell's characteristic curves
  • Determining fuel cell efficiency
  • Determining the decomposition voltage of water