In 2024, numerous events will give the unique opportunity to share groundbreaking innovations in the field of green hydrogen technology and to exchange ideas on shaping the future together. Here is an overview of the events at which H-TEC SYSTEMS will be exhibiting. Dive in with us and discover how we are actively contributing to a …

H-TEC SYSTEMS has announced the delivery of its ME450 PEM electrolyzer to the Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven (HLB), a research project at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES. General contractor for the project is Wenger Engineering GmbH. The one megawatt ME450 PEM electrolyzer from H-TEC SYSTEMS is part of a test field which …

This year, H-TEC SYSTEMS has already been present at numerous trade fairs.  As we move into the second half of the year, the H-TEC SYSTEMS experts will continue to present the company’s innovative PEM-Electrolysers and share our expertise on hydrogen production at different events.

Familiarize yourself with H-TEC SYSTEMS' PEM technology, …

Hydrogen expert H-TEC SYSTEMS commissions EKPO to develop stack components for use in next-generation PEM electrolyzers.

EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies GmbH (EKPO) and hydrogen specialist H-TEC SYSTEMS have agreed on a development contract for realizing stack components for PEM electrolyzers. As part of the cooperation, EKPO will contribute …

Hydrogen expert H-TEC SYSTEMS has sold a 1 MW PEM ME450 electrolyzer to the University of Stuttgart. The facility is a component of the WAVE-H2 project, a test center that is currently being built on the site of the Freudenstadt campus. In future, the center will provide innovative research opportunities in the area of "hydrogen in …

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Dates & Events

Dates & Events

Hydrogen Americas 2024 Summit & Exhibition

Dr. Jonas Wahl, Vice President Product & Operations | 06/12/2024; 11:00 AM
"Driving the Energy Transition: The Role of H-TEC SYSTEMS, a Volkswagen Subsidiary, in Leading the Green Hydrogen Movement”

Handelsblatt Wasserstoff-Gipfel 2024

Robin von Plettenberg, CEO/CSO | 06/12/2024; 12:10 PM
"PEM Elekytrolyseure – Skalierung einer vielversprechenden Technologie”

The smarter e - electrical energy storage (ees)

Maximilian Kuhnert, Sales Manager | 06/21/2024; 09:50 AM
"The Promise & The Risks of Hydrogen Electrolysis Projects”
Visit us: Stand B2.617

Connecting Green Hydrogen Europe 2024

Annemette Hindehede Jensen, Sales Manager | 06/26/2024; 10:00 AM
"H-TEC PEM electrolysers: High availability through redundancy and impact on LCOH”

Hydrogen Technology Expo North America

Visit us: Booth 1016

Hydrogen Technology Expo North America

Hydrogen Expo

WindEnergy Hamburg

Visit us: Booth A3.550

Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe

Visit us: Booth 4C45

European Hydrogen Week

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