Hydrogen expert H-TEC SYSTEMS commissions EKPO to develop stack components for use in next-generation PEM electrolyzers.

EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies GmbH (EKPO) and hydrogen specialist H-TEC SYSTEMS have agreed on a development contract for realizing stack components for PEM electrolyzers. As part of the cooperation, EKPO will contribute …

Hydrogen expert H-TEC SYSTEMS has sold a 1 MW PEM ME450 electrolyzer to the University of Stuttgart. The facility is a component of the WAVE-H2 project, a test center that is currently being built on the site of the Freudenstadt campus. In future, the center will provide innovative research opportunities in the area of "hydrogen in …

Hydrogen expert H-TEC SYSTEMS builds state-of-the-art and climate-neutral production and development site for PEM electrolyzer stacks in Hamburg.

Together with representatives from politics and commerce, the official ground-breaking ceremony for a new factory of hydrogen specialist H-TEC SYSTEMS took place in the Hamburg district of …

10 MW blocks of the Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP) can be combined into systems with an electrolysis performance of 100 MW and more. The overall system efficiency of 77 percent along with high system availability thus result in low hydrogen costs.

Demand for large-scale hydrogen projects from industry is steadily increasing. As a …

Green hydrogen is being used as a zero-emission fuel for INNIO's Jenbacher plants.

For its "Power-to-Hydrogen-to-Power" project, INNIO has ordered two electrolyzers from H-TEC SYSTEMS that provide a total output of 2 MW and which are used to convert green electricity into green hydrogen (H2). This is an important step regarding the …

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