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HUSUM Wind 2019
H-TEC SYSTEMS positions itself for the future of a commercial hydrogen economy with its 10 megawatt PEM electrolyser
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GP JOULE wins MAN Energy Solutions as a strategic co-investor for H-TEC SYSTEMS
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Energy Storage Europe 2019
H-TEC SYSTEMS launches megawatt PEM Electrolyser ME 450/1400. "Energie des Nordens" (Energy of the North) is among the first customers
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H-TEC SYSTEMS supplies 5 electrolysers to Germany’s biggest hydrogen mobility project
Made-in-Germany container solution provides an impressive decentralised and geographically flexible application for the production of hydrogen from wind power
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Citizen Wind Park Ellhöft (Bürgerwindpark Ellhöft) deploys PEM electrolyser by H-TEC SYSTEMS for wind energy conversion
Regionally produced green hydrogen sold as fuel for regional hydrogen filling station for the first time
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H-TEC SYSTEMS extends the board of management: Dr. Joachim Herrmann and Frank Zimmermann take on operational management.
H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH, headed by the managing partners Heinrich Gärtner and Ove Petersen up to now, has received two further managing directors with Dr. Joachim Herrmann and Frank Zimmermann.
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From the 13th to the 15th of March, H-TEC SYSTEMS presents its product range featuring the ME 100/350 electrolyser from its SERIES-ME and the PEM electrolysis stacks from its SERIES-S30 in Düsseldorf.
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Hydrogen is now.
At the Hannover Fair 2017 H-TEC SYSTEMS presents a compact, container-based PEM electrolyser of the megawatt class.
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Electricity to hydrogen
‘The proton exchange membrane process can convert electricity to hydrogen with an efficiency of over 75 per cent. This can then be stored as well as transported for the most varied applications or can be converted back into electricity.’
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Live presentation of future technology and sector cross linking "Made in Schleswig-Holstein" 
‘In order to achieve its climate targets, Germany has to intensify the consistent development of renewable energies and use renewable power to decarbonize all sectors. With its capacity for decentralized application, power-to-gas technology is a key factor in meeting these targets both efficiently and affordably.’
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Storage summit in Schleswig-Holstein
‘Hydrogen can be used as fuel, for example hydrogen-powered cars, which, as an alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles, are gaining increasing importance in the context of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, numerous businesses in sectors such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and metalworking industries require large amounts of hydrogen, which are current produced using high levels of CO2.’
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Power-to-gas - the key climate-friendly technology to ensure the electricity turnaround is an energy turnaround.
‘Power from regenerative resources at all times and without geographical limitations, thermal energy for heating and hydrogen for industrial applications or driving hydrogen-powered vehicles - power-to-gas technology makes all this possible.’
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Schleswig-Holstein's first power-to-gas plant goes into operation
‘With its power gap filler, GP JOULE has come up with an intelligent, climate-friendly and low-cost solution to convert electricity into hydrogen and store it by means of PEM electrolysis. If necessary, the hydrogen can then be converted back into electric current with biogas in a combined heat and power plant (CHP) and fed back into the power grid.’
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GP JOULE @ Hannover Messe: Power-to-gas live!
‘In the long term, power-to-gas can be used across sectors to tap into new markets - not just the power market but also the heat market, industrial applications and the mobility sector, e.g. for hydrogen-powered vehicles.’
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Growing market potential for storage technologies
‘330 GW of installed storage capacity worldwide by 2030, 95 GW by 2050 in Europe – a recent study of Boston Consulting Group sees an important growth segment in the market for storage systems for the energy sector.’
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Storage technology for a successful energy turnaround
‘The PEM electrolyser shall be able to absorb and convert into hydrogen an electric capacity of one megawatt. For this purpose, the Federal Ministry for Envorionment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) will grant the amount of up to 2.1 million € research funds from the "Funding Initiative Energy Storage" on the basis of a parliamentary resolution of.’
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Storage instead of burning coal
‘We can absorb fluctuations in the grid, caused by the feed-in by volatile energies, like wind and solar, with modern storage technologies. It is imperative that we evolve these technologies instead of returning to the "dark age of coal.’
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