PEM Electrolyser ME450/1400: H-TEC SYSTEMS products

H-TEC PEM Electrolyser ME450/1400

  • Nominal load: 1 MW corresponds to refuelling 90 cars per day
  • Hydrogen production: 450 kg/d
  • A turnkey solution with scalability

Innovative down to the last detail

Modular, scalable, powerful: The H-TEC SYSTEMS ME450/1400 
electrolyser is the proven turnkey solution to produce green hydrogen. Thanks to a multiple stack design, high availability and excellent spare parts availability, risks can be minimized, and costs reduced.
At the heart of the transportable 40 ft container are 9 S450 PEM stacks. With a total electrolysis power of 1 megawatt, they supply enough hydrogen to refuel 90 cars per day. The proven design as well as the dependable spare parts availability make the technology of the ME450/1400 electrolyser reliable and ready for the future.

1.0 1.0 MW
450.0 450.0 kg d-1
4.8 4.8 kWh Nm-3

Parameter ME450/1400


H2 Production nominal

450 kg/d | 210 Nm3/h

H2 Production range

42–210 Nm3/h

H2 Purity

5.0 (meets ISO 14687:2019 Table 2)

Energy consumption nominal*

4.8 kWh/Nm3 H2

Electrical power nominal*

1 MW

H2 Production modulation range

20 - 100 %

System efficiency nominal*

74 %

Load change 30 s (Minimum load to nominal load)

H2 Output pressure 

15–30 bar(g)

O2 Output pressure 

H20 Required quality**

TrinkwV 2020  | EU Directive 2020/2184-EU

H20 Consumption nominal* 260 kg/h (at10°dH)

Power supply electrolysis***

3 x 568 V Y, 3 x 568 V ▲ /50 Hz (acc. ICE 600038), Connecting power: 1.707 MVA

Power supply peripherie       

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz (acc. ICE 600038), Connecting value: 150 kW

Dimensions LxWxH

40' Container, incl. attachments ca. 13.2  x 4.0  x 5.7 m

Weight ca. 36 t (operational)
Ambient temperature -20°C to + 40°C

Technical changes reserved 
*BoL definition standard conditions
**Individual water analysis required
***Transformer is required for galvanic isolation

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PEM Electrolyser ME450/1400: H-TEC SYSTEMS products
ME450/1400 Reference Project

Haurup Wind Farm

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