PEM Electrolyzer ME450: H-TEC SYSTEMS products

H-TEC PEM Electrolyzer ME450

  • Nominal load: 1 MW corresponds to refueling 90 cars per day
  • Hydrogen production: 450 kg/d
  • A turnkey solution with scalability

Innovative down to the last detail

Innovative down to the smallest detail: The H-TEC SYSTEMS ME450 electrolyzer is the proven turnkey solution to produce green hydrogen. Thanks to a multiple stack design, high availability and excellent spare parts availability, risks can be minimized, and costs reduced. At the heart of the transportable 40 ft container are 9 S450 PEM stacks. With a total electrolysis power of 1 megawatt, they supply enough hydrogen to refuel 90 cars per day. The proven design as well as the dependable spare parts availability make the technology of the ME450 electrolyzer reliable and ready for the future.

1.0 1.0 MW
450.0 450.0 kg d-1
4.8 4.8 kWh Nm-3

ME450 Parameters


H2 Production nominal

450 kg/d | 210 Nm3/h

H2 Production range

42–210 Nm3/h

H2 Purity

5.0 (meets ISO 14687:2019 Table 2)

Energy consumption nominal*

4.8 kWh/Nm3 H2

Electrical power nominal*

1 MW

H2 Production modulation range

20 - 100 %

System efficiency nominal*

74 %

Load change 30 s (Standby to nominal load)

H2 Output pressure 

15–30 bar(g)

O2 Output pressure 

H20 Required quality**

TrinkwV 2020  | EU Directive 2020/2184-EU

H20 Consumption nominal* 260 kg/h (at10°dH)

Power supply electrolysis***

3 x 480 V Y, 3 x 480 V ▲ /50 Hz (acc. ICE 600038), Connecting power: 1.325 MVA

Power supply periphery      

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz (acc. ICE 600038), Connecting value: 150 kW

Dimensions LxWxH

40' Container, incl. attachments ca. 13.2  x 4.0  x 5.7 m

Weight ca. 36 t (operational)
Ambient temperature -20°C to + 40°C

Technical changes reserved 
*BoL definition standard conditions
**Individual water analysis required
***Transformer is required for galvanic isolation

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PEM Electrolyzer ME450: H-TEC SYSTEMS products
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