H-TEC PEM Electrolyzers HCS: H-TEC SYSTEMS products

H-TEC PEM Electrolyzers HCS

  • Cube system for large multi-MW PEM electrolysis plants
  • Closed container solution for outdoor installation or open skids for indoor installation
  • Optional water treatment and hydrogen purification

Multi-megawatt scale green hydrogen production

Modular, scalable, powerful: The H-TEC SYSTEMS Hydrogen Cube System (HCS) is a modular system, designed to realize large PEM electrolysis plants for producing green hydrogen. Multiple 2 MW Cubes can be combined to build up multi-MW plants. The Cubes are available as closed containers for outdoor use or as open skids for indoor installation. They are equipped with 18 H-TEC SYSTEMS S450 PEM Stacks, integrated process water treatment and an electrical power supply. Water and hydrogen purification units can be integrated optionally.

10 10 MW
4,500 4,500 kg d-1
4.8 4.8 kWh Nm-3

Parameter 10 MW HCS


H2 Production nominal*

4500 kg/d  |  2100 Nm3/h
H2 Purity 99,9 % (3.0)
H2 Purity incl. optional hydrogen purification 99,999 % (5.0, meets ISO 14687:2019)
Energy consumption nominal* 4,8 kWh / Nm3 H2

Electrical power nominal*

10 MW

Production modulation range

20 – 100 %

System efficiency nominal*

74 %
Load change

30 s (hot standby to nominal load)

H2 Output pressure

15 – 30 bar(g)
Required water quality

Demineralized water

Required water quality incl. optional water purification** TrinkwV 2020 | EU Richtlinie 2020/2184-EU
Demineralized water consumption nominal* 16 kg / kg H2
Dimensions 15 Outdoor containers / indoor skids 6.8 x 2.7 x 3.2 m each
Ambient temperature

-20°C to +40°C

Technical changes reserved
* BoL definition standard conditions
** Individual water analysis required for plant configuration

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H-TEC PEM Electrolyzer ME450
PEM Electrolyzer ME450

Innovative down to the smallest detail: The ME450 electrolyzers can produce 450 kg of pure hydrogen per day. Their compact design also makes them suitable for most operating sites.


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