PEM Electrolyzer Modular Hydrogen Platform: H-TEC SYSTEMS Products

H-TEC PEM Electrolyzer Modular Hydrogen Platform

  • Scalable Indoor-Solution with 77% system efficiency 
  • Industrial production of green hydrogen 
  • Combination of 10 MW blocks to multi-MW systems with electrolysis capacity of 100 MW and more

Highest efficiency and availability for large-scale hydrogen production

Modular, skid-mounted, ready-to-install: The H-TEC SYSTEMS Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP) is a scalable platform for industrial production of green hydrogen based on PEM technology. 10 MW blocks can be combined to multi-MW systems serving projects with an electrolysis capacity of 10 to more than 100 MW. The system is ready for indoor installation on pre-assembled skids. It is equipped with integrated process water treatment and electrical power supply. Optionally, the system can be supplemented with fresh water and hydrogen treatment, as well as process heat recovery or oxygen utilization, as required. The H-TEC SYSTEMS MHP electrolyzer stands out with its unrivalled system efficiency, high availability and proven maintenance concept, which results in low hydrogen production costs and stable safe operation.

10.0 10.0 MW
4,600.0 4,600.0 kg/d
4.6 4.6 kWh/Nm3

10 MW Block Parameters

Modular Hydrogen Platform

H2 production nominal

4600 kg/d | 2130 Nm3/h

Energy consumption1 

4.6 kWh/Nm3 H2 | 51 kWh/kg

System efficiency1

77 %

Performance class 10 MW

H2 production modulation range

213 – 2130 Nm3/h | 10 – 100 %

H2 purity including

optional hydrogen purification 

3.0 or 5.0 (meets ISO 14687:2019 Table 2)

H2 purity without

optional hydrogen purification 

Water saturated at 65°C and 30 bar(g) 
H2 output pressure  15 – 30 bar(g)
Load change 30 s (Standby to nominal load)

H2O required quality including 

optional fresh water treatment 

TrinkwV 2020  | EU Directive 2020/2184-EU

H2O required quality without 

optional fresh water treatment 

DI water (fully desalinated) 

DI water consumption nominal

1850 kg/h
Dimensions LxWxH (Indoor)

ca. 10  x 21.5 x 4.5 m

Temperature (Indoor) +5°C to + 40°C

Technical changes reserved 
1 Battery limit for the efficiency: stacks and converters; standard conditions: BoL (Begin of Life),
15°C, 30 bar(g) H2 transfer pressure, 2000 Nm3/h, based on Higher Heating Value (HHV)   

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