1,0 MW

Electric power

450,0 kg d-1

Nominal H2 production

4,9 kWh m3 @ STP

Nominal energy consumption

Ready. Set. Supply.

As a turnkey solution the H-TEC Series-ME impresses due to its compact design, high power density, low operating costs and is as a result economical and highly efficient. The ME 450/1400 sets new standards and safeguards new paths for the industrial use of hydrogen. Electrolysers from H-TEC are readily available solutions for effective sector linking!

H-TEC Series-ME: ME 450/1400

H-TEC Series-ME: ME 450/1400

by H-TEC Systems

Innovative down to the smallest detail: thanks to heat extraction, the ME 450/1400 offers overall efficiency of 95 %, whilst its compact design makes it transportable and flexible.

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