H-TEC SYSTEMS continues to grow and strengthens its management team

Das Management-Team bei H-TEC SYSTEMS. V.l.n.r. Marius Zasche (CTO), Sophie Kostka (EVP People & Culture), Michael Meister
(COO), Dr. Joachim Herrmann (EVP Innovation), Frank Zimmermann (CFO), Robin von Plettenberg (CEO) und Dr. Dominik Heiß (EVP
Strategy & Product). (©H-TEC SYSTEMS)
Sophie Kostka, EVP People & Culture bei H-TEC SYSTEMS (©H-TEC SYSTEMS)
Michael Meister, COO bei H-TEC SYSTEMS (©H-TEC SYSTEMS)

The high demand for renewable energy sources in the economy ensures strong growth for the Augsburg-based specialist for green hydrogen. After the reorganization of the management team in the first quarter of this year, H-TEC SYSTEMS has now expanded the management board through the addition of two more members - a new COO (Chief Operations Officer) and an EVP People & Culture (Executive Vice President). In the process, they complement the previous team set-up consisting of Robin von Plettenberg (CEO and CSO), Frank Zimmermann (CFO), Marius Zasche (CTO), Dr. Dominik Heiß (EVP Strategy & Products) and Dr. Joachim Herrmann (EVP Innovation).

Michael Meister has been Chief Operating Officer (COO) at H-TEC SYSTEMS since October 2022. In this role, he is responsible for supply chain management, production of stacks and electrolyzers as well as quality management. After completing his studies, Meister initially worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company and, following this, he was responsible for the expansion of new production sites whilst working in a senior managerial capacity at BMW for seven years. In his position as COO at H-TEC SYSTEMS, Michael Meister is tasked with accompanying and supporting the company's growth in its operative business activities and driving forward and optimizing procedures and processes in the company. One particular focus of attention will be on the construction of a Gigafactory in Hamburg as well as the further industrialization and expansion of the supply chains.

“I am really looking forward to getting fully involved with H-TEC SYSTEMS operations and taking on corporate responsibility. Our joint success as a company also means that we are making the planet a little better bit by bit,” explains Michael Meister.

H-TEC SYSTEMS is currently investing heavily in the development of its two main facilities in Augsburg and Braak and is establishing local teams in Europe such as in Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. At present, the company is looking to hire more than 60 engineers and specialists in all areas of the company.

As of November 1st, Sophie Kostka has thus taken on the role of EVP People & Culture at H-TEC SYSTEMS. The HR and recruiting expert was recently Head of HR Operations & Culture at the renewable energy provider Enpal where she supported the company's growth. More specifically, she was responsible for setting up the People division. At H-TEC SYSTEMS, the focus of her work is also on creating a dynamic and innovative corporate culture and creating along with strengthening structures and employer brands.

"Fast growth and committed, agile teams require a strong corporate culture that motivates employees and provides them with the opportunity to develop their talents," says Sophie Kostka. “For me, the future of energy is a matter close to my heart and teams are only as strong as each of their individual members. I am looking forward to creating the framework for an innovative mindset and sustainable employee satisfaction through my new role at H-TEC SYSTEMS.”

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