H TEC SYSTEMS expands its management team with key positions to support the company's growth strategy

Jochen Straub ist neuer Vice President R&D Stack. Er möchte zukünftig vor allem Innovationskraft und Stack-Technologie vorantreiben.
Claudio Bravo Granadino besetzt die Position Vice President Operations Electrolyzer. In seinem Verantwortungsbereich liegen Order Management, Production Engineering, Montage, Logistik, Facility Management und Standortleitung Augsburg.
Dr. Nima Pegemanyfar, Vice President Sales bei H-TEC SYSTEMS, freut sich darauf gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden und Partnern die Energielandschaft der Zukunft zu gestalten.
Dr. Bernd Behnke, Vice President Project Execution bei H-TEC SYSTEMS, wird zukünftig die Abwicklung von Großprojekten vorantreiben.

H-TEC SYSTEMS, a leading provider of PEM electrolyzer technology, has positioned itself in the first quarter to ensure future-proof international growth through its team of experts in crucial key positions. Over the past two years, H-TEC SYSTEMS’ workforce has increased almost fivefold and grown from around 100 to currently 600 employees since the beginning of 2022. With a strong team of experienced experts at the second management level, the company has further strengthened its Technology & Innovation, Production & Service, Business & Sales divisions in the first quarter of 2024. H-TEC SYSTEMS has thus responded to the increasing demand for solutions for global hydrogen ramp-up with a top-class line-up.

H-TEC SYSTEMS welcomes the company´s four new Vice Presidents Jochen Straub, Nima Pegemanyfar, Bernd Behnke and Claudio Bravo Granadino as senior executives with a wide range of experience. They bring with them a wealth of know-how – from pioneering work in the field of hydrogen technology to optimum sales and project management, and from automation professionals to stack management experts.

Jochen Straub takes over as the new Vice President R&D Stack. Straub is one of the pioneers in the field of hydrogen and electrolysis technology with more than 14 years of experience in system and stack development at Siemens/Siemens Energy. With his passion for innovation and commitment, he will continue to further drive H-TEC SYSTEMS’ stack development.

Claudio Bravo Granadino has been named Vice President Operations Electrolyzer. He is a highly experienced specialist in management and technology with an extensive background in various management positions in the automotive sector, in particular at BMW Group. He brings more than 15 years of expertise in project management, production, strategy and corporate management, and will now drive the continuous expansion and development of electrolyzer production. His areas of responsibility include order management, production engineering, assembly, logistics, facility management along with the management of the Augsburg site.

H-TEC SYSTEMS has appointed Dr. Nima Pegemanyfar as its new Vice President Sales. Pegemanyfar has spent most of his professional career in the energy industry. Among other things, he worked at Siemens Energy for 15 years in various sales and management functions in the areas of power generation as well as the oil and gas business. With a doctorate in aerospace engineering, he has extensive experience in international sales and proposal management, especially for electrolysis projects.

Dr. Bernd Behnke joins H-TEC SYSTEMS as Vice President Project Execution. He has a solid background in mechanical and plant engineering. His professional career has taken him through well-known companies such as Lurgi, ABB Kraftwerke, Alstom Power and MAN Energy Solutions where he held various project management positions at international locations ranging from Project Director and Head of Projects to Vice President Project Management Office (PMO).

“We are extremely pleased to be able to welcome four outstanding personalities with different experiences especially in the areas of hydrogen and industrialization. The broad wealth of experience will help continue to shape H-TEC SYSTEMS’ journey of growth in which we are constantly changing and will thus expand our leadership team,” said Sophie Koska, Executive Vice President People and Culture at H-TEC SYSTEMS. 

“H-TEC SYSTEMS is continuously growing and is bringing the right experts on board to further expand its position as a strong player in the international hydrogen economy. Green hydrogen is a global growth market. With the new team of internationally experienced managers, we can further expand our core competencies and support the market even better in achieving the net-zero goals”, explained Robin v. Plettenberg, CEO of H-TEC SYSTEMS.

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