H-TEC SYSTEMS Expands to Scandanavia with Project ZEHTC

Augsburg, January 29, 2020 – Euromekanik AB is to deploy a PEM Electrolyser from H-TEC SYSTEMS for the Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center (Project ZEHTC) in Sweden.

The Project ZEHTC (Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center) in Finspång, Sweden will implement a H-TEC SYSTEMS ME 100/350 PEM Electrolyser for a novel microgrid solution combining solar power, hydrogen generation, gas storage, and gas turbine power generation. With this purchase, H-TEC SYSTEMS is entering the Scandanavian market with local partner Euromekanik AB.
Zero emission microgrid

The demonstration plant will be the first of its kind to use renewable solar energy and energy produced at a gas turbine test center in a dynamic microgrid. The excess energy will be used to generate hydrogen in the electrolyser, which is then stored and can be used later in the gas turbines, when it is needed. Not only can energy be stored, but the testing center also serves to improve the efficiency of the gas turbines. Hydrogen is proving to be a leading agent for storing energy from renewables, even over longer periods of time. Optimizing it’s use in gas turbines will only further this trend.

PEM technology for variable load

The PEM electrolysis technology from H-TEC SYSTEMS is ideally suited to work with the highly fluxuating loads coming from the respective sources in project ZEHTC. The ME 100/350 being deployed in this project can convert up to 5.4 MWh of energy into 4 MWh of hydrogen per day. With a nominal load of 225 kW, up to 100 kg of hydrogen can be produced daily. The compact structure of the unit in a 20-foot container makes the ME 100/350 highly flexible in terms of location.

The demonstration plant, with electrolyser, will be up and running in Spring 2021.


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