H-TEC SYSTEMS production site awarded ÖKOPROFIT environmental management certificate

Dr. Michael Higl überreicht Matthias Fuchs, Emily Proell und Christian Gradschareck (v.l.) das Ökoprofit Zertifikat. (©Julia Pietsch, Landratsamt Augsburg)

We live environmental protection and sustainability not only through our products, but also in our everyday work. After passing the commission examination, H-TEC SYSTEMS has been awarded the ÖKOPROFIT certificate at our Augsburg site and we can now call ourselves an "ÖKOPROFIT-A³ company". 

ÖKOPROFIT stands for "ÖKOlogisches PROjekt Für Integrierte Umwelt-Technik" (ECOPROFIT Project for Integrated Environmental Technology) and is an environmental management program that guarantees a high standard of corporate environmental protection based on defined criteria. The project is sponsored by the government of Swabia within the framework of the economic area A³. 

We have focused in particular on waste management.  As production volumes increase, so do the quantities of waste generated. In cooperation with suppliers, these quantities are to be reduced in the future.  

Other areas, such as the energy balance in production and the use of sustainable products in marketing, are also part of the measures. In addition, environmental guidelines have been developed that define H-TEC SYSTEMS environmentally relevant principles and objectives. 

At the official award event, H-TEC SYSTEMS was presented with the ÖKOPROFIT certificate. 

"Environmental protection and sustainability are the cornerstones of H-TEC SYSTEMS. The Ökoprofit certification at our Augsburg site proves that we not only live these principles externally, but also take measures in our everyday work to avoid waste and reduce emissions," said Regine Wachter, Head of the Quality Management Department at H-TEC SYSTEMS.  

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