H-TEC SYSTEMS realizes industrial project with Gruyère Hydrogen Power

Ernst Adler (COO GRZ Technologies SA), Dr. Noris Gallandat (CEO GRZ Technologies SA), Claude Thürler (CEO Gruyère Energie SA), Robin von Plettenberg (CEO H-TEC SYSTEMS), Dr. Patrick Sudan (Director Gruyère Hydrogen Power SA) und Alexander Detke (Sales Manager H-TEC SYSTEMS) freuen sich auf die Zusammenarbeit. (©Gruyère Hydrogen Power)

H-TEC SYSTEMS, a leading manufacturer of PEM electrolysis systems, provides two ME450 PEM electrolysis systems to Gruyère Hydrogen Power SA (GHP) for utilization in a production facility for the manufacture of green hydrogen. In future, GHP will supply the green hydrogen to an international industrial company based in Switzerland. Gas-powered engines will be operational there using this emission-free energy source. The systems are scheduled to start up operations by end of next year.

The two ME450 PEM electrolyzers have an electrical power of one megawatt each and will be supplied with green energy which predominantly comes from photovoltaics. With a system efficiency of 74 percent, the two facilities aim to produce a total of up to 900 kilograms of green hydrogen per day.

Green hydrogen as emission-free fuel 

The need for green hydrogen as an emission-free fuel in industry is increasing steadily. GHP has also recognized and picked up on this potential. Gruyère Hydrogen Power SA is part of Gruyère Energie SA, an energy supplier in the canton of Friborg in western Switzerland, which supplies numerous surrounding communities with electricity, water and heat. GHP is specifically responsible for the energetic marketing of green hydrogen. The company is delighted to have found such an experienced partner in H-TEC SYSTEMS. “Gruyère Hydrogen Power has set out to build a manufacturing plant to produce hydrogen for industrial needs which in turn requires a high level of reliability. We are confident that, in H-TEC, we have chosen an experienced partner who will meet our technical expectations in order to ensure the success of our project,” says Patrick Sudan, Director of Gruyère Hydrogen SA.

H-TEC SYSTEMS realizes an industrial project in Switzerland 

With this project, hydrogen pioneer H-TEC SYSTEMS is further expanding its market presence in Switzerland. The proposed project with GHP will be realized in the canton of Fribourg. "I am extremely pleased that we can further expand our market presence in Switzerland through this project," explains Robin von Plettenberg, CEO of H-TEC SYSTEMS. "It is a very interesting, multifaceted undertaking with an industrial end customer."

Just a few kilometers from the site where the two PEM electrolyzers will be installed, H-TEC SYSTEMS will be delivering two more ME450 PEM electrolyzers next year as part of another project. "Not only do we have a very interesting project here complete with very cooperative discussions but we are also only a few kilometers away from our other project in the canton of Fribourg. We are looking forward very much to a successful cooperation in the upcoming years", explains Alexander Detke, Sales Manager at H-TEC SYSTEMS.

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