H-TEC SYSTEMS receives Award "Quality - Made in Augsburg"

Oberbürgermeisterin Eva Weber, Andreas Wecker, Vice President Project Execution and Service bei H-TEC SYSTEMS und Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, Referent für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Smart City, Liegenschaften und Marktwesen bei der Übergabe der Auszeichnung. (©H-TEC SYSTEMS)

After a corona-induced break, the city of Augsburg again honors companies of special value to the city in 2023. H-TEC-SYSTEMS is honored to be among the ten companies selected to receive the award "Quality - Made in Augsburg" this year. Since 2014, the award recognizes the economic commitment of companies for their extraordinary product and service quality and thereby represents the city's appreciation of outstanding entrepreneurial personalities and innovative, future-oriented companies.  

Various criteria were used to select the award-winning companies. In addition to the foundation of the company or the headquarters in Augsburg, aspects such as the desirability of the products or services, the innovation performance, a charisma beyond the region or even the unusual nature of the products or the company were taken into account.  

H-TEC SYSTEMS was able to assert itself through a convincing profile together with nine other companies and receive the certificate of recognition on June 12, 2023 on behalf of Andreas Wecker, Vice President Project Execution and Service. The award was presented by Mayor Eva Weber and Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, Head of the Department of Economics, Labor, Smart City, Real Estate and Markets, at Augsburg City Hall.  

In particular, the potential of the award-winning companies in specialized industries was highlighted by the speech of Augsburg's Mayor: "It is precisely such companies that make an indispensably important contribution to the innovative strength of the business location, even if they do not produce mass consumer goods. It is a matter of securing Augsburg as a production location for the future." 

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