H-TEC SYSTEMS researches cost-effective mass production of PEM electrolysers as part of H2Giga


H-TEC SYSTEMS advances research project PEP.IN with PEM electrolysers expertise as part of H2Giga 

Augsburg,  December 15, 2021 Augsburg based hydrogen technology experts H-TEC SYSTEMS is to become part of the H2Giga hydrogen project for research & development into the serial production of PEM electrolysis stacks and electrolysers. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting H2Giga with a total funding volume of up to 500 million euros. The aim is to identify and test novel processes for the competitive mass production of electrolysers in Germany to make green hydrogen affordable and competitive. 

As an expert and visionary in green hydrogen technology, H-TEC SYSTEMS is receiving research funding for the H2Giga project "PEP.IN" to further advance serial production. By spring 2025, H-TEC SYSTEMS will identify new production processes for PEM electrolysis stacks and electrolysers in the gigawatt range and develop corresponding test facilities to quickly set up and commence serial production.

PEP.IN: Industrialisation of PEM electrolysis production 

The H2Giga project PEP.IN stands for Industrialisation of PEM Electrolysis Production and aims to optimise processes and equipment to produce electrolysers and electrolysis stacks in mass production. Part of the research work within the project is the investigation of a production plant for electrolysis stacks and electrolysers. In addition, a central component of the project is the further development of the electrolysis stacks to make them as simple and cost-effective as possible to produce. For smooth, highly available and cost-effective production, it is necessary to align the corresponding supply chains to the needs of the production. In addition, the individual components of an electrolyser will be considered in order to implement automated production of electrolysers in the gigawatt range. By collecting smart stack and plant operating data, H-TEC SYSTEMS will also contribute to the further development of the plants.  

About H2Giga: Hydrogen production in serial production 

H2Giga is one of three hydrogen lead projects of the BMBF. Up to now, electrolysers have mainly been manufactured manually with a low degree of automation. However, to make green hydrogen competitive, mass production of electrolysers is necessary. With the help of the lead projects, the National Hydrogen Strategy, which was adopted by the German government in 2020, is to be advanced. One goal of the National Hydrogen Strategy is to build up an electrolysis capacity of 5 gigawatts in Germany by 2030.

Mass production in Germany 

"We are pleased to be part of H2Giga with PEP.IN," says Dominik Heiß, COO of H-TEC SYSTEMS. "Further development of the technology and especially increasing production and commissioning of electrolysers is necessary to make hydrogen a universal energy carrier and thus the foundation of the energy transition. PEP.IN offers the opportunity to drive competitive mass production of PEM electrolysis stacks and electrolysers in Germany."



This research and development project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (Funding code 03HY120B) and supervised by the Project Management Organisation Jülich (PtJ). We would like to express our sincere thanks.

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