H-TEC SYSTEMS supplies additional electrolyzers to Grenzland Bürgerenergie eG

Mitglieder der Grenzland Bürgerenergie eG mit Robin von Plettenberg, CEO H-TEC SYSTEMS, bei der Ortsbegehung für das Projekt “Grenzland Energie Kompakt”
Foto: Tim Riedinger © Grenzland Bürgerenergie eG
Besprechung der Baupläne für das Wasserstoffprojekt “Grenzland Energie Kompakt” der Grenzland Bürgerenergie e.G. in Westre: (von links) Robin von Plettenberg, CEO H-TEC Systems, Projekt-Ingenieur Marko Bartelsen sowie die Vorstandsmitglieder der Grenzland Bürgerenergie Reinhard Christiansen, Jörg Steffens und Gabriele Hansen.
Foto: Tim Riedinger © Grenzland Bürgerenergie eG

H-TEC SYSTEMS is supplying four PEM electrolyzers, Type ME450, with a total volume of 4MW for the “Grenzland Energie Kompakt” project which is being realized by the Grenzland Bürgerenergie eG.

H-TEC Systems is delighted to have the opportunity to renew its collaboration with the Grenzland Bürgerenergie Cooperative. The Schleswig-Holstein “Grenzland Energie Kompakt” project in Westre, North Frisia, near the Danish border, aims to sustainably map the entire hydrogen value chain and create a functioning regional hydrogen market based on green hydrogen. For realization of this project, H-TEC SYSTEMS is delivering four ME450 PEM electrolyzers, with an overall output of 4 MW and a total capacity of max. 1.8 t of hydrogen per day, to the Grenzland Bürgerenergie eG. 

The commissioning of the Grenzland Bürgerenergie eG electrolyzers in Westre, planned for the beginning of 2025, will primarily serve to supply logistics companies and service providers with green hydrogen. This is being generated in the municipality of Ellhöft through the integration of existing wind turbines and a 45 MW ground-mounted solar installation. Excess energy from wind and photovoltaics will thus be storable and marketable in the form of green hydrogen.   

Furthermore, the heat generated during hydrogen production will also be put to good use: the waste heat can be used, for example, to heat greenhouses in agricultural businesses. 

Grenzland Bürgerenergie eG is based in the Renewable Energy Office in Ellhöft. This office already manages five community wind farms, one ground-mounted solar system, one 1 MW hydrogen system (also by H-TEC SYSTEMS) and three transformer substations.  The cooperative already operates a hydrogen plant and hydrogen filling station at the Westre location which is supplied by a 225 KW electrolyzer from H-TEC SYTEMS. Four 1MW electrolyzers are now being added that will soon be installed at the Westre site. 

“With the Grenzland Energie Kompakt project, we are creating a fully functioning hydrogen market in Northern Germany that is both scalable and transferable,” explained project initiator, Reinhard Christiansen, Regional Chairman of the State Renewable Energy Association (LEE S-H. e.V.) and Chairman of the Grenzland Energie eG Energy Association. “We are delighted to be working together with H-TEC SYSTEMS on the Westre project after the successful collaboration in Ellhöft and other projects in Schleswig-Holstein.”

“The Grenzland Energie Kompakt project is an excellent example of how regional energy supply can be made more sustainable, and it shows the crucial contribution of green hydrogen. We are particularly pleased to be able to contribute to the efficient production of green hydrogen in this additional project with our PEM electrolyzers,” said Robin v. Plettenberg, CEO at H-TEC SYSTEMS.


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