H-TEC SYSTEMS to deliver electrolyzer for Norwegian-Danish cooperation for green production of liquid biogas

GrønGas Hjørring von oben mit den Turbinen im Hintergrund (©GrønGas)
PEM-Elektrolyseur ME450 von H-TEC SYSTEMS (©H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH)

H-TEC SYSTEMS delivers PEM electrolysers to Norwegian-Danish joint venture. Innovative cooperation in wind power, electrolysis and liquid biogas (LBG) between Norwegian Hydrogen and energy entrepreneur Jens Peter Lunden.

“Norwegian Hydrogen aims to be a pioneer in the use of green hydrogen for various purposes. This collaboration shows that, by utilizing green hydrogen and green CO2 in a new and innovative way, we can cover some of the vast marked demand for LBG, says Jens Berge”, CEO of Norwegian Hydrogen AS.

The collaboration is based on an innovative technology, used for the first time in a full scale production by GrønGas A/S, where green hydrogen is used directly in the production of liquid biogas.

Production to start this year

Norwegian Hydrogen and Jens Peter Lunden have established a 50/50 joint venture under the name Grøn Brint ApS. The company will own and operate electrolysis plants for the production of green hydrogen, primarily for use in the production of LBG.

Grøn Brint Aps has already ordered electrolyzers for the first phase of the collaboration from the German electrolyzer manufacturer H-TEC SYSTEMS, and plans to start producing the hydrogen already this year. The plan is then to scale up production based on the green energy available from Lunden's turbines.

“The Grøn Brint ApS joint venture is an innovative approach to scaling up hydrogen, which we are pleased to serve with our modular electrolyzers. Initiatives like these can serve as a blueprint for similar projects in many European countries. More and more practical applications show how green hydrogen can help them achieve their Net-Zero emission goals and accelerate the energy transition process," explains Robin v. Plettenberg.

“The collaboration with Jens Peter Lunden and potentially also with GrønGas is an important milestone for Norwegian Hydrogen and the result of good and constructive dialogue over a long period of time”, says Berge.

Green and profitable value chain

By using green hydrogen directly in the production of LBG, green CO2 that is left over in the process is also used. The conversion of CO2 to e-methane provides added value for the parties and forms the basis for the profitability of the project.

“The parties have worked closely together to develop a model for the collaboration that provides profitability for all companies involved. Together we will demonstrate an integrated, green and profitable value chain from wind turbines via electrolysis to LBG”, says Jens Peter Lunden.

”At GrønGas we are looking forward to having ‘Grøn Brint’ located right next to us. In near future, we hope to be able to use hydrogen for CCU and methanation directly at the biogas plant. We aim to be a part of and even add to the same value chain as Grøn Brint is part of”, says Allan Olesen, CEO at GrønGas.

The parties have ambitions to expand the collaboration to include other opportunities in the production of hydrogen and other e-fuels, based on wind power. They have several other major projects in the planning.


About Norwegian Hydrogen

Norwegian Hydrogen AS will build and operate an effective network of production sites and distribution systems for hydrogen, tailored to meet the future requirements for zero-emission fuels in a wide range of mobility sectors and industrial segments. The company is supported by a group of strong industrial owners, such as Flakk Group, Hexagon Purus, Hofseth International, Tafjord, and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Norwegian Hydrogen’s head office is in Ålesund, Norway, and they also have offices in Oslo, Narvik, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

About GrønGas

GrønGas owns and operates two biogas plants in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark. GrønGas was originally established in 2001 and is today owned in a 50/50 partnership between Jens Peter Lunden and E.ON.
GrønGas aims to use green hydrogen as an energy carrier. Combined with biogenic CO2 the goal is to produce green e-methane for the transport sector. In 2023 GrønGas will start a production of LBG (Liquid BioGas) at the same site as the electrolysis is built – making it possible to reach our target.

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