Handover of the position paper "Make a start now: 1-GW starter program for the German H2 value chain"

Der Appell zum Wasserstoffstarterprogramm wurde dem Wasserstoffbeauftragten, Till Mansmann (Bildmitte), übergeben.

For hydrogen to become the energy pioneer in Germany, active action must be taken. Otherwise this goal cannot be achieved in the nearest future. Together with 33 other motivated companies and associations, H-TEC SYSTEMS has submitted a position paper.

With the paper "Make a start now: 1-GW starter program for the German H2 value chain", which was handed over on March 17, 2023 to Till Mansmann, the innovation officer "green hydrogen" at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the total of 34 stakeholders have united in setting out demands and associated goals that are intended to provide optimal framework conditions for the timely success of hydrogen energy in Germany. The paper thus supports the German government's intention to further develop national hydrogen energy. The aim of the starter program and the joint association of supporting players is to promote the use of green hydrogen as an important building block of the energy turnaround in Germany in a targeted and speedy manner, so that hydrogen production in Germany can pick up speed before the end of this legislative period. In this way, work is also being done toward the goal of ensuring that the 10 GW target can be achieved in 2030.

The first step will require initial tenders for green hydrogen production in Germany as well as tenders for H2 use, the paper says. The prerequisite for a successful ramp-up is a favorable regulatory course that sets the necessary incentives for investment and transformation, as well as ensuring planning security. Existing and announced support programs focus on very large projects with long lead times (CCfD, offshore support), require complex and lengthy application procedures (IPCEI projects), or rely on investors accepting high risks. A steady ramp-up is not currently possible with existing programs.

The paper was handed over to Till Mansmann at an event in Berlin on March 17, 2023 with stakeholders from the supporting actors.

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