Wenger Engineering turns to PEM technology from H-TEC SYSTEMS

Augsburg, September 7, 2021 - H-TEC SYSTEMS, specialist in the technology for producing green hydrogen, is supplying a PEM electrolysis system as the technological core for a new project with Wenger Engineering GmbH. The H-TEC SYSTEMS ME450/1400 PEM Electrolyser with one megawatt of electrical power and a nominal production of 450 kg per day will convert renewable energy from wind turbines into green hydrogen.  

H-TEC SYSTEMS develops and produces innovative PEM electrolysers and electrolysis stacks for green hydrogen production. As a technological pioneer, the company has been playing a decisive role in shaping the development of hydrogen technology for over 20 years. With electrolysers from H-TEC SYSTEMS, effective sector integration is already possible today, as shown by successful reference applications.

Wenger Engineering GmbH from Ulm, Germany, is one of the world's leading specialists in hydrogen technology, power-to-gas and renewable energies. Since 2007, Wenger Engineering has been a development partner for leading companies in hydrogen technology and, among other things, has played a major role in developing the globally valid standards for hydrogen filling stations. With more than 17 years of experience and 350 hydrogen projects worldwide, founder and owner David Wenger is one of the leading experts in hydrogen infrastructure.

 "We chose the PEM electrolyser from H-TEC SYSTEMS because it not only operates very efficiently, but has already proven its reliability," explains Dr. David Wenger, CEO of Wenger Engineering GmbH. "We are looking forward to working together on our new project, in which the system will be used in combination with wind energy for areas such as mobility, logistics and in the food industry."

Modular, scalable, powerful 

The H-TEC SYSTEMS ME450/1400 PEM Electrolyser is a proven turn-key solution for green hydrogen production. With a total electrolysis power of one megawatt, it delivers hydrogen for the equivalent of nine truck tank fillings per day. 

Thanks to a multiple-stack design and high availability through parallel operation, risks can be minimized, and costs reduced. At the heart of the transportable 40-foot container are nine S450 Series PEM Stacks. The proven design and good spare parts availability are additional criteria that make the ME450/1400 Electrolyser an attractive choice.

 "We are looking forward to working with Wenger Engineering and to another exciting project in which our technology can contribute," explains Frank Zimmermann, CEO of H-TEC SYSTEMS. "Our electrolysers have been able to prove that green hydrogen can already be used effectively in many successful applications. Together with partners like Wenger Engineering, we can show that the age of green hydrogen has dawned." 


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