Wenger Hydrogen purchases another PEM electrolyzer from H-TEC SYSTEMS

Frank Zimmerman, CFO H-TEC SYSTEMS, und Dr. David Wenger, CEO Wenger Hydrogen GmbH, bei der Vertragsunterzeichnung. (©H-TEC SYSTEMS)

With the Hydrogen Cube System (HCS) PEM electrolyzer, H-TEC SYSTEMS is further expanding its market presence in Switzerland.

Augsburg, 26.07.2022 – H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH has sold a Hydrogen Cube System (HCS) PEM electrolyzer to Wenger Hydrogen GmbH, building on a successful cooperation in past projects. Wenger Hydrogen is the general contractor for the project, which will be realized in Switzerland. The plant is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of next year.

The Hydrogen Cube System is suitable for multi-megawatt PEM electrolysis plants and enables gradual expansion and scaling up to 10 megawatts and more. In Wenger Hydrogen's project, the H-TEC SYSTEMS plant converts two megawatts of renewable energy from hydropower into green hydrogen. Up to 900 kilograms of green hydrogen will be produced per day, which will then be used as an emission-free energy carrier for fuel cell vehicles.

Green hydrogen production on a multi-megawatt scale

Just this spring, H-TEC SYSTEMS launched its Hydrogen Cube System, which is essentially based on the well-known and industrially used technology of the ME450 PEM Electrolyzer.

The design includes a drying system which ensures that the hydrogen quality of 5.0 will be met. Without the optional drying system, the 3.0 quality would be suitable for many industrial processes, but after drying the hydrogen can be used directly in fuel cells. In addition, the system is equipped with freshwater treatment and heat extraction. The heat will be fed into a local heating network, thus providing an additional revenue stream during operation. Utilizing the process heat also enables the high system efficiency of 74% to be significantly increased. These modules are optional and were configured for the corresponding project. The low-voltage transformer suitable for the HCS is also being supplied by the hydrogen company H-TEC SYSTEMS.

H-TEC SYSTEMS and Wenger Hydrogen continue trustful cooperation

After two projects that Wenger Hydrogen has realized with H-TEC SYSTEMS technology, Dr. David Wenger, Managing Director of Wenger Hydrogen, is pleased to continue the trusted partnership: "The strong commitment of the entire H-TEC to the project was decisive for us. We are not only convinced by the plant technology, but also by the service portfolio, which is important for the support of the plant in the future. The overall concept showed us that we had found a very good partner for our project in H-TEC SYSTEMS. Although it is the first plant of this kind, we are very positive about the future and are looking forward to starting this challenging and at the same time very nice project together."

"We are very pleased to take this important step for H-TEC SYSTEMS with a partner like Wenger Hydrogen," states Frank Zimmermann, CFO of H-TEC SYSTEMS. "Through the already successful cooperation in other projects, a relationship of trust has been established. The entire H-TEC SYSTEMS is looking forward to a successful project implementation as well as the subsequent support of the plant by our after-sales service."

Expansion of hydrogen production in Switzerland

With the project, H-TEC SYSTEMS continues to advance hydrogen production in Switzerland. Alexander Detke, Sales Manager at H-TEC SYSTEMS, is pleased to realize another project in Switzerland together with Wenger Hydrogen: "After several very intensive, technical and commercial preliminary discussions as well as personal meetings, also with the end customer, it quickly became clear that we are the right partners to enter into this venture together. For us, this is an important step for another project in Switzerland."

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