High interest in "Green Hydrogen" at Hannover Messe 2021

H-TEC SYSTEMS was not just represented with a virtual booth at the event, but also in the speaking program. In a keynote “pitch” at the expert forum, Emily Proell explained what is needed to successfully produce green hydrogen and how it can be deployed.

With the help of PEM electrolysers, such as those from H-TEC SYSTEMS, renewable energy can be converted into green hydrogen. This enables numerous application scenarios - from efficient energy storage, so-called sector integration, the use of hydrogen for mobility, as heating energy, for load balancing in energy grids and for increasing resource and system efficiency.


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The demand for hydrogen projects is increasing rapidly. H-TEC SYSTEMS is also experiencing this and is therefore investing massively in growth. To strengthen the management…

Découvrez ce qui sera le moteur de l'industrie énergétique de demain : Nouvelles de H-TEC SYSTEMS

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