Power gap filler
Made in Germany
Intelligent Energy Storage: Electrolysis meets Biogas


Since 2015, PEM electrolysers from H-TEC SYSTEMS are demonstrating how wind and solar energy can be stored in an innovative project in Reußenköge, Germany.

Excess renewable energy from local wind and solar sources is converted to hydrogen by means of electrolysis, stored in pressure vessels, and subsequently used in a biogas power plant.

When excess wind or solar energy is being generated, it is converted to hydrogen at a rate of 75%. The remining energy is used in the local heating network. Through this intelligent integration of energy and heating sectors, an efficiency of 95% can be reached.

At times when more electricity is needed, the hydrogen can be added to the biogas plant at a 30:70 ratio and used to generate electricity and compensate for load fluctuations and so-called power gaps. By these means, renewable energy can be optimally integrated into the electrical grid even at times when wind and solar resources are not available.

The initial project, the first of its kind station in Schleswig-Holstein, started with electrolysis power of 20 kW, with output gradually being increased to 200 kW.