Hydrogen for Swiss industrial companies

Gruyère Hydrogen Power

Hydrogen for Swiss industrial companies

Gruyère Hydrogen Power (GHP) relies on hydrogen for industry

The need for green hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel in industry is growing all the time. Energy supplier Gruyère Hydrogen Power SA (part of Gruyère Energie SA) from the Fribourg canton in western Switzerland has also recognized this potential and has therefore committed itself to the development and marketing of green hydrogen. 

After carrying out intensive research, the Swiss energy supplier chose two PEM electrolyzers from H-TEC: The two “ME450” installations each have an electrical output of one megawatt and are supplied with green energy which is predominantly generated through photovoltaics. With the remarkable system efficiency of 74 percent, the two systems produce a total of up to 900 kilograms of green hydrogen per day. Gas engines are powered with the emission-free energy sources in order to supply international industrial companies located in the area.

“In addition to the technical performance indicators of the system, what convinced us was the sound technical advice and service package from H-TEC,” revealed Patrick Sudan, Director Gruyére Hydrogen Power SA.

Just a few kilometers from the location of the two PEM electrolyzers, planning for two additional ME450 systems is already in full swing for another project which is scheduled for delivery within the next 12 months - the ME450 from H-TEC has clearly convinced the Swiss.

„Gruyère Hydrogen Power has been dealing with hydrogen for industrial needs which requires a high level of reliability. We are pleased to have chosen H-TEC, an experienced partner who fully met our technical expectations.“

Patrick Sudan, Director Gruyère Hydrogen Power SA
Gruyère Hydrogen Power

Further references

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