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Green hydrogen production under optimal conditions

The establishment of H-TEC SYSTEMS USA Ltd. marks a significant step towards our vision of reducing 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions. After more than 25 years of experience in the European hydrogen industry, we will now bring our expertise to the North American market. Our Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP) PEM electrolyzer will be available from our Houston location. Our focus is on maintaining strong and lasting relationships with our local customers to deliver comprehensive, large-scale electrolysis solutions of 10 MW and above.

One of the outstanding strengths of the US market is the availa-bility of cost-effective renewable energies

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Our site in Houston, Texas

At our site in Houston, Texas, we share premises with our parent company MAN Energy Solutions. In addition to development and sales for our Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP), we will also house facilities for repair and maintenance, as well as for training of customers and partners there. 

1758 Twinwood Pkwy, Brookshire, TX 77423
United States of America


Product and service offering


PEM-Elektrolyzer MHP

Modular, skid-mounted, ready-to-install: The H-TEC SYSTEMS Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP) is an industrial-scale electrolyzer system with unrivaled system efficiency of 77%. The scalable modular system allows the combination of 10-MW blocks to multi-MW systems for indoor applications with an electrolysis capacity of 10 to 100 MW and more.

Our MHP product strategy incorporates field-proven stacks sourced from our automated stack factory in Germany and integrates a local supply chain for the balance of plant in the US. This approach allows us to build our product on established German technology while adding substantial local value, emphasizing our commitment to US quality and efficiency. While the MHP is currently accessible in European regions, the North American product variant will be released in early 2024.

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Service & support

Tailored to address the specific requirements of our clients, our diverse range of services pave the way for the lowest possible hydrogen production costs

  • Monitoring & support: Constant remote monitoring from Service Centers with predictive analysis and fast response times
  • Review & repair: Regular on-site health checks with preventive maintenance and component repairs to ensure plant availability 
  • Operation & maintenance: Full operations & maintenance with 360° service package

Green hydrogen production

The world needs lots of green hydrogen and demand is growing – the energy sector, processing industry, aviation, and marine transport are all hard at work trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But not all businesses can reduce their carbon footprint through direct electrification.

Where that is not possible, fossil fuels, including natural gas, must be replaced by net-zero fuels, such as green hydrogen and its derivates (produced in the power-to-x process) green ammonia, green methanol, and synthetic natural gas.

That means green hydrogen production must scale up dramatically. 

Scaling up green hydrogen - this is how it works

Become part of the team

Would you like to become part of a dynamic clean-tech industry? Are you eager to take on stimulating challenges that drive change? Join us to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of energy transition and apply for a position in Houston in the field of:

  • Sales  
  • Project Engineering
  • Project Management


Enter the age of hydrogen.
H-TEC SYSTEMS will support you.


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