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Green hydrogen is a key building block for the renewable energy transition in all sectors: For mobility, industry, and heating. H-TEC SYSTEMS leads the way at Germany’s largest hydrogen mobility project: eFarm. It is a milestone for the hydrogen infrastructure in North Fresia, and for Germany as a technology centre.

The joint project eFarm will use a total of five PEM electrolysers from H-TEC SYSTEMS, each of which can produce up to 100 kg of hydrogen per day from drinking water and renewable electricity, with a nominal load of 225 kW each.

After the excess electricity from renewable sources is converted to hydrogen, it is stored locally in pressure vessels and distributed to two filling stations. By these means, energy from renewable sources can be stored for use at a later time, when it is needed.

The hydrogen filling stations will provide hydrogen for both private and public transportation. Fuel cell-powered buses used for local public transport will be supplied, which is an ideal end-use for green hydrogen. The high-quality hydrogen produced is suitable for operating fuel cell vehicles without further refinement.

At eFarm, the process heat goes into the regional heat supply for industry and private homes. This enables H-TEC SYSTEMS electrolysers to achieve an efficiency of up to 95 %.

”The highly flexible H-TEC SYSTEMS electrolysers are perfect for the dynamic availability of renewable energy. The container solution of the H-TEC SYSTEMS electrolysers was just as convincing as the good price-performance ratio, which leads to minimal hydrogen production costs.”- Ove Peterson, CEO of the GP JOULE group in Reußenköge and initiator of the project eFarm